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JWPM Consulting

Strategic planning consulting firm

Growth focused strategic planning and business advice.

The market place moves rapidly; strategic agility is essential for survival

The world is changing and your customers and your competitor's are continuously adapting. Your business needs to keep pace with the evolving landscape.

JWPM provides a tailored methodology, research and analysis services to make the process of developing a new strategic plan - efficient and effective.

We're skilled at working with executive teams to facilitate the development of a clear, focused business strategy and (if needed) an action plan.

Strategic planning services to help organisations identify a unique point of difference to drive growth

JWPM Strategic Planning Consultants include people from C-Suite backgrounds. We've worked with many organisations developing business strategy embracing all management disciplines. Backed-up by our industry research capability, we provide a skilled team and expert capability to develop growth oriented business strategy.

To build a truly "strategic" plan, the question of what makes the firm unique (in a way which is of value to the customer) is one of the most important decisions.

Business Mentoring

The rapidly changing marketing place and speed of communications, demands agility and new thinking. JWPM works with business owners and management teams to evaluate current resources and capabilities - guiding and building new directions, new growth strategies and problem solving plans.

Strategic planning is based on comprehensive and realistic analysis to inform executable action plans.

Our process is tailored to suit your industry and team culture. The result is a realistic, growth oriented business strategy driving clear outcomes-and a focused action plan.

We provide business advice and strategy in the following areas:

  • Strategic planning
  • Business environment assessment: Internal review, competitor analysis, customer analysis and industry trends
  • Business, and product line financial review and planning for growth
  • IT Strategy
  • Business mentoring
  • Advice on market positioning and brand strategy
  • Pricing, products and services, distribution and promotions strategy
  • Operational reviews
  • Sales organisation and capability reviews
  • Manufacturing/operations strategy
  • Organisational structure and business model
  • Business systems
  • Innovation

We are equipped to identify growth opportunities and drive organisational change.

Strategic planning consultants

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The enemy of the strategic plan is complexity and trite language

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Build business focus through strategic planning.

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