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Brand Identity and Development

Reach sales target, contribute to a ‘defensible’ market positioning. Enhance and support existing sales and distribution networks.

Brand identity and brand development for industrial and B2B organisations.

When we started consulting nearly 30 years ago, few industrial organisations appreciated or cared about 'branding'; but things have changed.

Manufacturers, technology firms, engineers, and service providers - now increasingly understand the power of branding as an 'intangible' asset contributing to company value and as a means of building share of voice.

Branding (or brand identity) is more than just a logo (or trademark), it is the collective understanding and perception of your company by the people that comprise your target market - not one mind but many.

It's more than just achieving a share of mind; it's also about being understood. The logo and consistent use of other brand elements (typefaces, visual themes and colour palette) provide a distinctive identity for your business that aids in brand recall.

The careful orchestration of your brand values and capabilities through corporate behaviours and marketing communications shapes the market's collective understanding and perception of your organisation. Branding is central to your marketing strategy.

At JWPM, we assist industrial organisations to develop their brand strategy, beginning with an understanding of the current brand positioning - and aspiration, conducting brand research within customer segments, and attributing brand values and brand personality, through to the selection and design of suitable brand identity; we have expertise in industrial branding.

If you need justification for why you should invest in industrial branding consider this; tender evaluation is strongly influenced by brand perception.

JWPM provides a comprehensive suite of services to ensure that you project a winning image...

  • Brand research and testing, including competitive positioning
  • Brand positioning strategies - brand values, brand personality
  • Brand communications
  • Company branding guidelines
  • Development of company logos, corporate identity material
  • In-house graphic design services

In many industrial markets, with multiple competing brands across various product and service categories, a key driver for a company’s future success will be continued brand awareness and engagement. Brand Engagement goes hand in hand with Customer Engagement and Customer Experience in helping to create a deeply emotional and rational connection between business and customer.

Branding seeks to create a differentiated offering, to shift and shape perceptions of the organisation within its customer base.

Brand building: winning hearts and minds

We have assisted many of our clients to build a clearer, more focused industrial brand allowing them to build a stronger market position and improve their competitive advantage.

We create brands that resonates with your customers, to achieve:

  • Creating more business opportunities
  • Reducing cost of sales
  • Enhancing product/market extension opportunities
  • Enabling competition on aspects other than price, and;
  • Increasing the value of the company – through building brand equity and goodwill

At JWPM, we are focused on building the value of your industrial brand; reinforcing customer positioning, increasing customer engagement and growing company value.

We are focused on ensuring:

  • Clarity and alignment – ensuring that branding matches the company’s positioning in the market
  • The correct values are assigned to the brand – managing the existing, and new, customer value perceptions.
  • That branding is consistently applied - across all marketing platforms, sales and distribution channels.

Graphic design for brands

JWPM has in-house graphic design capability and have developed many supporting brand identity and support materials: logos, corporate identities, visual identification schemes, positioning strategies, and communications programs.

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If you are looking to stand out from the crowd, project a clear identity, and are seeking to communicate a strong value proposition, then you've come to the right place.

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