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Application Development

Custom Application development to support business operations and marketing automation

Modern and efficient business operations require custom applications.

Industrial marketing means understanding how our clients deliver their products and services.

While known predominantly as a marketing agency, we also consult extensively on business strategy, business planning and have extensive past experience advising on business operations.

It's difficult to consult meaningfully and knowledgeably to Industrial B2B organisations without understanding the intricacies of how they deliver their products and services.

Working with B2B Industrial clients requires familiarity with business operations

Consequently, the work we do overlaps with other disciplines.

We often become involved in...

  • Analysing and identifying gaps in business systems and procedures.
  • IT System reviews.
  • IT System specification.
  • Vendor selection.

Developing fully functional websites means having on staff application programmers and developers

At JWPM, we have a team of full-stack web developers with deep experience developing databases, integrations, and back-end code required to build fully-functioning websites.

This capability means also developing business applications that improve the efficiency of business operations...

  • Secure customer sales ordering portals
  • E-commerce shopping sites.
  • Websites integrated with in-house or cloud based ERP's and other databases
  • Dedicated operational business applications to support branch offices and field operations.
  • CRM and CRM integrations.
  • Sales automation applications.
  • Marketing automation.

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