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Powerful insights to inform business decisions in industrial markets.

JWPM Consulting

JWPM is an industrial market research company skilled at ferreting-out hard to get information, data sleuthing and building analytical models.

We turn raw data into meaningful and useful information to support business decision making. We are particularly skilled at investigating b2b markets (industry research) to obtain primary data.

To guide market penetration and planning market expansion activities, JWPM has a robust methodology to compile market dimension data...

  • Quantify the market size and growth rates
  • Identify the key market segments and estimate their size
  • Determine the geographic spread to decide location of sales branches and distribution centres
  • Identify the main suppliers (competitors) into the market and estimate their influence and market share
  • Model the typical path to market (distribution model) for the industry
  • Compile sales target hit lists (C-Suite executives with contact details, purchasing decision makers)

Our competency is investigating niche technical markets where published data is not available; we are skilled at identifying proxy indicators and developing models to estimate market dimensions.

We provide a full range of market research processes...

Our understanding of technical products and services reduces briefing time, makes us more efficient when searching for information, interpreting findings and identifying insights.

JWPM undertakes competitor analysis, customer research, and market opportunity analysis; research that informs business marketing recommendations about which products and markets to pursue - and which to avoid – and how to best position your company in a competitive market place.

Included in our skill sets and experience is market dimensioning; calculating market size, geographic spread and growth rates; and identify and prioritising market segments for almost any product or service. Our disciplined approach enables you to focus resources where you can achieve the best returns.

“Intelligent business thinking is more than just stats and facts. Powerful market analysis, based on the right information, translates to effective commercial decision making.”

We pride ourselves on taking on difficult assignments and delivering useful results. Contact us today to discuss your project.