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Business to business industry research to inform strategic decisions.
Specialists in technical products and services.

We take on difficult market research assignments and deliver insightful results.

Industry market research for B2B markets

We provide industrial market research and are skilled at finding hard to get information and industry data

We process raw data into meaningful and useful information to support business decision making. We are particularly skilled at B2B market research (industry research).

Our competency is investigating niche technical markets where published data is not available.

We are skilled at identifying proxy indicators and developing models to estimate market dimensions, investigate competitors, develop market segmentation models, and capture customer insights.

Our understanding of technical products and services reduces briefing time, makes us more efficient when searching for information, interpreting findings and identifying relevant information.

It's one thing to go looking, but recognising it when you stumble across it, requires specific domain knowledge.

JWPM undertakes competitor analysis, customer research, and market opportunity analysis to better understand your market. Market research that informs business recommendations about which products and markets to pursue - and, which to avoid – and how to best position your company in a competitive marketplace.

We provide a full range of market research services.

  • Customer research: Qualitative and quantitative primary research to identify customer behaviour, demographics, and consumer attitudes.
  • Industry research: Identifying profitable market segments and mapping the market structure. JWPM prepares concise, quantitative and qualitative data on defined industries to assist you to make informed decisions.
  • Market Dimension: Obtaining data and making strategic judgements about the scope, nature and sustainability of your industry and its dynamics.
  • Competitor analysis: Identifying your competitors' strengths and weaknesses will help position your product/service in the market, develop barriers to new market entrants and limit existing competition. Find your market share and ranking.
  • Market entry studies: Undertaking market feasibility assessment based on primary and secondary research that looks at the potential market scope and size, competitive context, product/user testing, and price/margins.
  • Survey design and implementation: Designing data collection tools, qualitative and quantitative instruments, including conducting focus groups, that achieve a statistically valid sample and measurement basis to inform business strategy.
  • Market and product concept testing: Focus groups and quantitative research methods to gauge consumer reactions, assess against competitor's products, and identify product development opportunities.
  • Data mining and analytical modelling: Sometimes the numbers don't easily reveal their secrets. Analytical modelling provides insights into B2B markets.

Our market research skillset and experience include market dimensioning; calculating market size, geographic spread and growth rates; and identifying and prioritising market segments for almost any product or service. Our disciplined research approach enables you to focus resources where you can achieve the best returns.

“Intelligent business thinking is more than just stats and facts. Powerful market analysis, based on the right information, translates to effective commercial decision making.”

We take on difficult market research assignments and deliver insightful results.

Market Research

Business to business specialists

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The electric vehicle revolution is unstoppable.

However, major changes to electricity infrastructure will be required, and there are practical limits to fast charging.

However, with every major car manufacturer in the world announcing ambitious plans to release an extensive range of EV models, this change will be thrust upon us.

The electric vehicle revolution - with change comes opportunity

Math is a powerful tool that drives innovation.

Sadly, math is viewed by many as something we endured at school and hope to have never impinge on our lives again.

And yet, the fruits of math surround us and exploring it reveals its true purpose - math is a tool to magnify the power of our minds.

7 reasons why math is important

Sustainability in agriculture is not a new term.

Arguably, however, it's the early pioneers and advocates of organic and bio-dynamic agricultural practices in Australia who identified the urgent need to restore the health of our ecosystems.

With agriculture contributing some 24% to global emissions, climate change mitigation strategies have brought sustainable land systems sharply into focus.

Soil carbon farming - a double win for farmers

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