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Competitor Analysis

Define your competitive landscape.

Competitor analysis - exploit your competitors' weaknesses

Identifying your competitors' strengths and weaknesses will help develop barriers to new market entrants and limit existing competition.

B2B competitor market analysis

Competitor analysis is one of many essential tools informing the development of marketing strategy and strategic planning.

Our B2B competitor analysis tool kit...

  • Competitive structure: The first step in a competitor analysis is determining the composition of the competitor landscape; are you up against a few strong players or fighting a long tail of 'rats and mice'?

  • Key players: Competitor analysis identifies the major players dominating the industry. We investigate and report corporate profiles, revenues, profitability, visible strategies, key personnel, and brand strength. Are they a "pure-play" or do they compete in this industry only as an add on activity? Segment focus, major product or service lines, corporate history and ownership structure.

  • Kamikaze competitors: A 'kamikaze competitor' is an industry player who is buying every job at unsustainable rates. They can sometimes take several years to finally destroy themselves but in the meantime, they drive industry profitability down. The effect on the market may take years to dissipate while customers' perceptions of project costings are re-educated.

  • Hard to get data: Many companies are privately owned and obtaining key financial information requires more detailed investigation making competitor analysis challenging. We are really good at finding ways to estimate financial data and key corporate statistics and verify the information through modelling and independent third parties. Even if we have to count the number of trucks leaving the factory, we will do what it takes. We do it legally and accurately.

Identifying competitors can mostly be easily achieved online, however finding useful metrics to inform competitor analysis more often requires developing innovative data acquisition and even detective work.

  • Key customers: Techniques for identifying competitors' strategic customers.
  • Sales team: Investigate the composition of competitors' sales team and identify their star salespeople.
  • Pricing studies: Reveal what players in the market are charging for particular products and services.
  • Competitive advantage: Identify the competitive strengths being exploited to maintain or gain market share.
  • Strengths and weaknesses: Delivering a strategic summary of your competitor's strengths and weaknesses and provide our opinion on how best to compete against them.
  • SEO Rankings and online activities: Our tool kit includes a comprehensive analysis of the digital landscape. Winning the online battle requires finding out where you rank against your competitors online and how much traffic they are receiving and how are they are capturing it.

Know your competition

Whatever your requirements we can tailor a competitor analysis to suit your brief and budget.

Competitor Analysis combined with...

...will provide you with comprehensive industry research to inform the development of strategic planning and marketing.

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Competitor Analysis

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