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IT Consulting services to leverage the best in Information Technology to drive innovation and competitive advantage.

IT Consulting to support B2B business strategy and sales automation

While you may think IT strategy is an odd fit with a B2B Marketing Agency, our work as business strategy consultants often identifies IT issues particularly in relation to operational efficiency. Further, senior consultants on our team have significant experience managing enterprise (very large) software development and systems implementation projects.

Information Technology is a key driver for product innovation, reducing operational costs, improving the speed of delivery, achieving quality outcomes, tracking, reporting and analysis.

The business case for IT investment is compelling.

However, there are many offerings in the marketplace, all promising to deliver the newest, the best, and the most future proof outcomes.

With opportunity comes problems…

  • Some view IT as a cost instead of being an enabler to dynamic product and market innovation.
  • Concern IT systems are not robust/scalable/performant enough to cope with business expansion
  • Uncertainty of the direction for existing systems; with so many choices and hard decisions many organisations procrastinate, delaying the benefits
  • Issues with quality, velocity and scale of change to existing business processes and systems to enable those changes
  • Concerns the organisation isn’t maximising the benefits of having implemented new ways of working (Agile, DevOps, Lean)

Migrating to new IT platforms, either from manual processes or from legacy IT systems is costly. The high cost requires a clear business case based on strategic intent, with clearly defined benefits and expected outcomes.

Articulating and documenting expected outcomes and implementation planning are the foundations of an IT Strategic Plan.

JWPM provides consulting services to enable organisations to navigate IT information gathering, analysis and the decision making process to develop an IT strategic plan and implementation which …

  • leverages IT/Technology
  • implements process and cultural shift to drive product development through experimentation - leveraging speed and agility in IT systems development
  • develops and implements effective IT strategies/technologies to enhance growth
  • identifies the industry and technology trends to drive ‘future’ markets for an organisation
  • assesses the current state and supports uplift of software delivery processes, technologies and culture
  • provides confidence around the risk associated with engagement in large scale transformation and implementation projects.

Navigating an IT upgrade is time-consuming with the inherent risk of living with the wrong decision.

If you have a strategic IT problem to solve, speak to JWPM. We have the skills and expertise to solve your IT problems.

We provide independent consulting to solve the following common IT problems…

  • Reviewing IT requirements, gap analysis, and mapping future needs to build a detailed requirements specification.
  • System architecture
  • Risk analysis
  • Build or buy?
  • Vendor selection
  • Implementation planning
  • Vendor contract hardening and assurance
  • IT business case writing

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