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Tender writing, bid strategies and proposal work flow

Tender and Proposal writing

Experience working on high-performance tenders, bids and proposals to maximise success.

Why JWPM Industrial Strength Marketing should be your first choice:

  • Years of experience
  • Expert team
  • Understanding of technical products and services
  • 27 year track record in business-to-business sales and marketing
  • Experience with bids and tenders from hundreds of thousands of dollars to multi-billion dollar bids (Defence and Infrastructure tenders for example)

“Our consulting service aims to improve your average hit rate for tender success. Having an efficient, organised approach to bidding, and managing the opportunity pipeline, is the secret to improving your batting average.”

Tender writing services - why clients ask for help

Clients don’t come to us when they don’t have a chance. We get called in for the following reasons...

  • To provide advice and assistance setting up a disciplined sales pipeline process and support systems
  • Advising regarding pre-tendering tools such as Capture Planning
  • You need additional horsepower; your tender team has been swamped and you need expert assistance.
  • Your tenders lack professional presentation (to some extent, people evaluating tenders can't help but 'judge books by their covers')
  • You want to build more robust processes around bid management, including the decision to bid (go/no-go).
  • You are submitting for a 'game-changing project' and you want the best chance of success.
  • You're seeking to improve your internal bid and proposal writing processes; you want skills transfer.
  • You need more than just tender writing and polishing, you need to think about your entire strategic selling process.
  • You are capable of writing tenders, but you need assistance polishing the text and presentation.
  • You are inexperienced at tenders and need assistance.

Tenders need resources

Responding to a client request for a proposal is integral to a company’s sales and client relationship effort. It’s a valuable opportunity to win ongoing business and/or cement an existing relationship.

Responding to a proposal request, however, requires a serious commitment to time and resources.

A formalised and disciplined approach to the assessment, planning and preparation of a proposal response is required to maximise bid success.

We assist our clients to win large projects, improve their bidding capacity and processes, and boost the presentation standard of their bids and tenders.

Tender writing services

JWPM will provide you with professional, experienced and committed resources to deliver...

  • Tender evaluation and review of requirements.
  • Capture planning and decision making: should we have a shot at this, or let it go? Bid go/no-go.
  • Bid strategy: Development of company value proposition, key messages, bid delivery team/CRM (Client Relationship Management) strategy, and developing a pricing strategy.
  • Bid writing: Content authoring and coordination with SME’s (Subject Matter Experts).
  • Professional bid package: Graphic design, editing, proofing, publishing, compliance review.
  • Tender polishing: You write it – we clean up the copy, make sure you have answered all requirements and if required, make it look professional.
  • Presentation: Sometimes you have the opportunity to present your proposal face-to-face. We work with you to produce a first-class presentation and coach your presenters.
  • Proposal systems: Is the whole process of bidding, from simple costings to high-end tender writing, a constant drama? We can review your entire process and streamline it into a smooth workflow and provide training.
  • Billion dollar bids: We have a team member who has a depth of experience working on large scale projects (Defence tenders and similar) selling to large corporates and governments internationally.
  • Pre-tender positioning: Old marketing jungle saying “if the first time you hear about the tender is when it's advertised, you’ve already lost.” The most successful companies are often talking to the customer before they write the tender specification; already engaged in capture planning and positioning themselves as the preferred tenderer. At JWPM we work with management teams to create a business development culture and develop the skills, systems and mindset to reach this position.
  • Strategic positioning: Most organisations are totally reactive to the market, becoming the organisation clients have shaped rather than setting a strategic direction and positioning for work best suiting their capability and resources. An external review of your organisation combined with a market opportunity scan will allow you to decide your own future instead of shooting at anything that moves.

Tender writing

We offer a full bid consulting service, providing coordination and project management of the entire tendering process.

We don’t have to be involved from start to finish, however. We have worked on many tenders and proposals where we have simply been asked to review the final product and provide proofing, editing and design support for maximum impact.

Our experience

We have worked on hundreds of bids and proposals over the years, across sectors including Defence Projects; Construction & Infrastructure; Energy, Oil and Gas; Manufacturing; Government, Aerospace, Security, CCTV, Food processing, Communications, Health, Facilities management, Legal and Financial services.

References and track record

Our clients value confidentiality. So, while we would like to brag here about the projects we’ve worked on; our clients might not be happy to see themselves talked about in the public domain. However, once we’ve met you, we can easily supply you with more than enough referees to contact.

Your next step

Our team is ready to take on your next project or to provide advice on how to become better at pitching and win more business.

It costs nothing for an initial consultation.

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