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Defence contracting

Access experience and knowledge to target, win, and deliver Defence contracts.

Defence contracting - deep experience in bidding and project delivery

The Australian Defence industry is quite different from other industries. It's complex, detailed, political, secretive and Defence has a unique approach to doing business. Understanding how the Defence Industry operates is just one of many factors needed to ensure success.

Defence Credentials

Principal Consultant Greg Tunny, is a former CEO of the Australian Submarine Corporation and Managing Director Australia & Asia, ADI /Thales Australia and has significant experience of Defence Procurement practices, and the delivery of large Defence capital projects.

Greg works with companies at SME level as well as advising Global Defence contracting companies to assist with bid preparation, building capability, and advising on structuring businesses for success in Defence contracting.

Defence contracting and consulting

Supported by a range of specialists, Greg and the team provide strategy, operational, marketing and capability building services, making JWPM an indispensable resource for aspiring and existing organisations looking to win Defence contracts and develop capability…

More than putting together a great bid; to become a successful Defence industry supplier - you must also develop demonstrable capacity and capability to deliver

Defence opportunity assessment: Australia’s $ 27 billion annual Defence budget is expended on everything from salaries and wages, mundane items such as food, office supplies, furniture, desktop computers, consulting services right-up to combat vehicles, ships, aircraft and mission critical systems. Somewhere in there is an opportunity to become a supplier or contractor. JWPM can assist you to identify the opportunities and determine the required steps, investment, and likelihood of success.

Defence strategy: assessing Defence readiness and the efficacy of the decision to invest in entering the Defence supply chain: Are you ready? Do you need it? Can you fund it? and strategic planning to minimize disruption to current revenue streams while gearing-up.

Capacity building: assessing and recommending how to tool-up organisational, financial, operational, intellectual, IT, cultural and business development capability suitable for supply to Defence.

Integrated Management Systems: advisory and implementation services to tailor your IMS to Defence standards.

Securing business grants: advice on navigating and applying for the various Government Grant programs available to assist gearing for Defence. The majority of grant money is available from the Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC) and is aimed at developing skills, provide training, and helping businesses to improve their capability to deliver to the Australian Defence Force and overseas markets.

Grants are available to train engineers, purchase software, and for the development of management and business development skills.

Skilling grants are also available from Skilling Australia’s Defence Industry (SADI) funds, to general Capability Improvement Grants.

Applying for grants is part art, part science and mostly hard labour; JWPM can provide a range of services from identifying the most suitable grant programs to taking on the heavy lifting writing the grant and in the correct format and language to improve success.

Pre-sales business development: advising on business development techniques, systems, and methods for gaining traction in the Defence ecosystem. General marketing and profile building tailored to the unique way Defence view the commercial world, building maturity in Defence project capture planning, business opportunity project tracking and pipeline management.

Bid strategy and bid preparation: complete end-to-end services to assist companies to strategize, write and present formal bids written to conform to Defence procurement standards.

Project onboarding: project start-up reviews. Many Defence projects fail from the start having developed a flawed project plan (planned to fail and executed perfectly). JWPM can assist you to build a project plan to ensure meeting the contract schedule and program.

Industry partnerships and strategic alliances: With the Department of Defence increasingly being asked to increase local content and play a role in developing a well-trained and sophisticated domestic industry base, finding suppliers capable of meeting its complex needs will require developing a high level of collaboration maturity. JWPM provides advice on engineering the required practices, cultures and systems to ensure your organisation has the desired qualities to partner with the ADF.

Defence Innovation Hub: Government funding is also available via the Defence Innovation Hub; which provides grants for developing technology identified as having Defence application. Defence is able to work with the company, business or organisation through the Defence Innovation Hub, and provide a level of funding, so that the technology can be matured in a collaborative way.

Targeted areas are intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, electronic warfare, space and cyber, Land combat, amphibious warfare and special operations, air and sea lift, maritime and anti-submarine warfare, strike and air combat.

Periodically, Defence announces specific programs that have high priority. For more information, contact JWPM.

General business advisory: Many organisations are highly capable and well-resourced but simply lack domain knowledge and insight into how Defence works. JWPM can fill this gap and provide valuable guidance to assist companies to get-up-to-speed in the shortest time possible. When dealing with Defence there are protocols, a unique language, business practices and attitudes that need to be understood.

Traditional marketing: Looking the part is important, JWPM can provide a comprehensive range of services to re-skin your organisation to provide a Defence capable image: corporate branding, website development, digital content marketing, video production, capability statement writing and graphic design services to create impactful presentations and sales materials.

There are many opportunities to participate in assisting Australia to develop its Defence capability and to benefit your business through entering the Defence supply chain.

Defence contracting

JWPM provides organisations with specific expertise, experience and domain knowledge to make your journey into Defence faster, more efficient and with an increased chance of success.

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