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The B2B selling model has been turned upside down by digital marketing.

How you structure and manage your sales operation is dependent on your mix between 'high touch' and 'run rate' sales

High touch sales

As B2B and industrial marketing rely on continued direct contact with customers to maintain and build sales, it is fundamental that your sales force is engaged and working effectively at the front line.

At JWPM, we assist organisations to develop high-performance sales teams, maximising return on salesforce investment.

We work with all areas of a company, from business owners and executive management through to business development managers and your sales team, to develop a sales culture focused on delivering return from front-line selling activity.

  • Advice on developing company and selling models, processes, and people
  • Salesforce recruitment, mentoring, training and development
  • Sales system and CRM implementation
  • Opportunity tracking and pipeline management
  • Sales support material, capability statements, tenders and proposals

Our proprietary Sales Metrics™ model for industrial selling provides a powerful tool for pinpointing sales force issues - with a focus on developing People, Processes and Supporting Technology.

Direct contact and personal relationships are critical in B2B transactions.

We understand the value that individuals bring to your sales effort and how to bring out their best, supported by the right systems and tools tailored for b2b markets.

We assist clients to analyse their sales function and, where required, to design a new structure that more effectively engages with the marketplace. We undertake company sales force reviews, and sales activity analysis to support an assessment of the effectiveness of your current sales effort.

To ensure that members of your sales force are effectively working as ambassadors for your brand, we assist companies to develop their salesforce capacity; advising on salesforce recruitment, mentoring, incentivising, training and development.

We have experience in developing sales prospecting systems, identifying and defining key business sales targets and allocating sales territories based on defined markets; implementing supporting sales systems and CRMs, and utilising tools to support opportunity tracking and pipeline management. Our content, graphic design and digital delivery specialists can also assist the development of targeted sales support materials, capability material and direct selling tools to support lead generation and business development activity, and provide support in developing tender and proposal responses to assist in ‘closing the deal’.

Running a salesforce is expensive. It follows that your business development and salesforce activity should be tightly focused to maximise sales opportunities.

Transaction sales

Transaction sales (also known as 'run rate' sales) typically means selling off-the-shelf spares, parts, components, and small machinery.

We work with many clients who operate high-volume transaction sales operations and have assisted in setting up the right structure, systems and lead generation.

In transaction sales, efficiency is key.

Set-up correctly, transaction sales can generate huge profits.

The type of salesperson who adds-value to transaction sales is a different beast to the outside salesperson.

Sitting on the telephone all day processing orders, providing technical advice, expediting orders, and having time for a quick sandwich takes a particular skill set.

What you sell guides what you need...

  • What type of products do you sell? Some products are well suited to a purely online shop and ordering model; you may only need a small team of problem solvers.
  • Do your products need tech support? Providing tech support salespeople can be a real differentiator, particularly when your competitor is offering only 'juniors' who literally ask for part numbers and don't have a clue what they mean.
  • Online sales portals. There is a big opportunity to sell sales portals to large corporates who are trying to cut down the cost of vendor relationships. Selling the sales portal is different to selling the bits.
  • Hook 'em, Clean 'em and Fry 'em - the real power of transaction sales is when you employ field salespeople to sell your product portfolio and customer service as a concept, and literally drive them to your ordering system.

At JWPM we provide advice to our clients on which sales model will work best and help them to set it up.

We help organisations achieve the best combination of external sales, internal sales, online sales, and digital lead generation.

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