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Develop your company IMS to enhance your competitive advantage, open new supplier relationships and meet customer needs.

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Enable your organisation to work as a single unit with unified objectives.

B2b industrial organisations use an IMS to gain ISO Certification, often to gain supplier pre-qualification; hence why, as an industrial marketing organisation, we have added it to our service offering.

However, more than just a means to get certified, an Integrated Management System is the explicit mapping of how information and work flows through your organisation ensuring meeting your customers' expectations.

The process of documenting these flows delivers enormous benefit…

Consistency and efficiency

Documenting work methods and policies (with consistent and effective training) reduces mistakes and ensures consistent outcomes. Delivery of products and services to your customers is vastly improved improving repeat business.

Continuous improvement

When evidence emerges that a work method, a policy or procedure is not working, actions can be taken to implement a fix. Continuous improvement is a feature of a mature IMS; ensuring focus on delivering better outcomes and coping with business change is built into the system and not left to chance.

On-boarding new employees faster

We’ve all experienced it; an employee leaves and problems start appearing because it wasn’t entirely clear what routine tasks and responsibilities comprised their role. Or they were very good at quietly making sure important functions were executed. An IMS ensures all processes, systems, policies and procedures are fully documented so they remain core to the business and not vested in key personnel.

The IMS drives the drafting of position descriptions providing an important tool for on boarding new employees. Policies and procedures relaxant to each person's job functions complete the tools required to brief them on their role.


All of your management systems are unified bringing together Quality, Environmental, Safety, Energy, Food Safety, and Information Security in to one complete framework, enabling an organisation to work as a single unit with unified objectives.

The process of developing a complete IMS often uncovers areas of the business that need redesigning. While time consuming and sometimes disruptive, the process delivers long term benefits boosting bottom line performance.

We provide the following services to help you to develop an IMS…

  • Strategic management systems advice, development, maintenance and compliance review
  • Risk management review
  • Gap analysis of existing management systems
  • Pre-qualification preparation Documentation support
  • TQMS leadership, training and mentoring
  • Internal audit services

A robust Integrated Management System forms the backbone of your delivery of a quality product or service to market. End clients and Tier 1 suppliers mandate that their supply chain partners operate and conform to certified quality systems. Suppliers that resist will find that they become less effective, and less competitive, in markets where customers demand trouble-free products and services.

JWPM can assist b2b companies make the step-change improvement required to introduce a formalised approach to quality management.

Whether you’re seeking to achieve Tier 1 supplier recognition, or taking your first steps toward developing a formalised, fully compliant Integrated Management System in line with ISO standards, we can help.

We provide a range of services focused on the development, management and review of company quality systems to meet the needs of your business, whilst ensuring compliance with standards – ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, AS/NZI 4801:2001.

We can assist companies realise the benefits of implementing an IMS based on recognised standards, ensuring:

  • Consistent product and service delivery
  • Applicable regulatory requirements are met
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Risks and opportunities are addressed

Our Integrated Management Systems advisor, Greg Clothier, has a wealth of experience as an in-house IMS and quality management system professional.

Greg has implemented many integrated management systems; developing and maintaining systems to meet certification standards, as well as undertaking both internal and external IMS audit services across heavy industry, engineering, oil and gas, construction and transport sectors. Greg has also lectured and conducted training in quality management and the fundamentals of internal auditing.

“In B2B markets, the concept of Total Quality Management is central to supply chain participation and, consequently, the marketability of your product and/or service offering. We offer strategic quality management advisory services to assist companies in formalising their approach.”

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