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21 July 2022

About Us: Business-to-Business Marketing Agency

At JWPM, we are passionate about technology and industrial products. We believe that these products hold inherent fascination and are driven by inspiring ideas. Our mission is to help businesses in the technology and industrial sectors build strong brands and succeed in the market.

We understand that great industrial brands are born from the passion and vision of those who can envision the endless possibilities. With this in mind, we strive to communicate technology in the clearest and simplest way possible. Our goal is to ensure that those who require it not only understand the technology but also feel motivated to embrace and utilize it.

As a business-to-business marketing agency, we specialize in helping owners of technology and industrial products bring their offerings to market. We believe that a solid B2B marketing strategy is built on several key foundations: a strong value proposition, efficient business processes, deep market understanding, effective customer engagement, and clear and focused communication.

With our extensive experience and expertise, we delve into the business consulting and marketing toolkit to select the most effective tools and strategies for each unique situation. Our aim is to apply maximum leverage, ensuring that our clients can unlock growth opportunities, reach new customers, and secure successful deals.

We are privileged to work with individuals and businesses who share our passion for building strong industrial brands. Whether it's identifying growth opportunities, finding new customers, or winning deals, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals. Together, we can bring your technology and industrial products to the forefront of the market and create a lasting impact.

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JWPM is one of Australia's first marketing consulting companies to differentiate between consumer and industrial marketing, launching in 1993 as - Industrial Strength Marketing.

We mostly work in the business to business (b2b) space, offering an integrated suite of services to assist clients to...

  • Develop business strategy
  • Innovate and achieve business transformation
  • Ramp-up organisational capacity
  • Develop and implement IT strategy
  • Build brands
  • Set-up sales capability and systems
  • Maximise their digital footprint
  • Generate sales leads and find customers
  • Win tenders, and achieve growth

We understand technical products and services.

Understanding the underlying technology provides insight into the value proposition, informs target market identification and assists in delivering efficient, 'on-pitch' marketing communications messaging, and content creation.

JWPM has a proven track record developing strategy & communications for technical products and services.

B2b marketing agency

Our senior consulting team are from corporate B2B backgrounds; exposure to senior 'C-Suite' management roles has equipped us to understand that business strategy drives marketing execution. Consequently, we have built a consulting company that delivers to our clients – both.

Business Strategy Consultants

Many of our client relationships begin with helping to develop a strategic plan.

Having a marketing mindset means we gravitate towards identifying growth opportunities based on market analysis. However, a good strategic plan encompasses all aspects of the organisation. Hence, we also guide decision making on finance, operations, innovation, IT strategy, organisational structure and business systems to support the growth plan.

The result is a clear vision, targeted strategies and a realistic action plan that drives business transformation.

Real world business exposure and coal face experience means we deliver real business strategies, not a collection of management motherhood statements.

Our clients are generally practical people, facing the need to perform in real world business situations. We match that need with hard-hitting, well thought through, practical business strategies ready for implementation.

We pride ourselves on providing consulting and business advice that delivers powerful outcomes to our clients, resulting in tangible (often game changing) improvements.

Servicing clients Australia-wide, for over 29 years.

In 1993, Marketing Consultant - Justin Wearne identified the need for a marketing agency to focus on business-to-business (b2b) marketing; there was a gap in the market for a B2b marketing agency with the capacity to understand technical products and services.

29 years later, we service a diverse B2B industrial client base across Australia.

Our consulting team have worked on hundreds of technical products and services. This is a just a sample...

  • Agriculture
  • Aeronautical engineering
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Building and construction
  • Civil engineering
  • Component sales
  • Defence
  • Drive systems
  • Electrical contracting
  • Electronics
  • Fluid power
  • Health care
  • High power & type tested electrical switchboards
  • Hydraulics
  • Information technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Medical devices
  • Patents and IP protection
  • Radio communications
  • Resource industries
  • Robotics, process control and automation
  • Scientific research
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Software engineering
  • Steel fabrication
  • Submarine and ship building
  • System Integration
  • Telecommunications
  • Water infrastructure

Our industry exposure covers many domains.

We help you to identify your optimum market, refocus your organisation to address that market, and build capability and capacity to supply products and services efficiently.

We have a very unique skill set and a passion for technical products and services.

We have a reputation for delivering breakthrough thinking, and achieving business transformation.

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History and genesis

JWPM – Industrial Strength Marketing was set up by Justin Wearne in 1993 (nearly 30 years ago) to address the need for a specialist B2B agency. Until that time, there were not many B2B specialist agencies around.

Justin came from an advertising and marketing background with his last corporate position (before starting JWPM) as Group Manager Marketing for ATCO Industries, a prefabricated building manufacturer servicing the resources, construction, country home industries, and supplying emergency relief accommodation to the United Nations (AUD$37 million contract in 1992 to UNHCR in Cambodia).

ATCO was a highly disciplined project management company with capability in capture planning, tendering and deal closing. On the project delivery side, ATCO also demonstrated impressive contract management and performance.

Working for ATCO made Justin appreciate the difference between B2C and B2B and for industrial products and services sales is equally important as pure marketing.

However, Justin has always had a fascination and affinity for technology being a keen student of all things technical and having studied computer science and physics at University.

Justin could see the need for a marketing company capable of offering clients the ability to understand their business, their technologies and develop sales and marketing that could drive corporate growth.

Some 12 years ago Justin met Greg Tunny, previously Chief Executive of ASC (Australian Submarine Corporation).

Greg joined JWPM as Principal Consultant. Greg has a long suit in working with large corporates in the Defence, Software Development, Air Traffic Control and science industries.

Together Justin and Greg have assembled an impressive consulting team capable of providing business strategy and general advisory backed-up with a team possessing a broad range of marketing related skills with expertise in business to business marketing with the added benefit of being conversant with technology.

Today we work with clients in a wide range of industries in manufacturing, information technology, system integrators, ASX listed companies, resources, Defence and component sales.

We provide more than just marketing consulting and services – we also advise on business strategy, corporate and organisational structure and provide external highly experienced consultants with a broad understanding of business at a senior management and director level.

##Helping organisations solve problems and break through significant barriers.

We service clients all over Australia.

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