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Marketing Consultant

Justin Wearne has been working as a marketing consultant for 25 years, providing advice strategy and planning to manufacturers, technology companies, technical product distributors, integrators, contractors, Defence suppliers, government agencies and service providers.

Marketing Consultant

Business to Business marketing

Justin Wearne

Marketing consulting capabilities

  • Strategic planning

  • Marketing strategy

  • Sales force consulting and development

  • Business development

  • Growth planning

  • Marketing project design and implementation

Marketing Consultant - Justin Wearne

Justin Wearne is the principal consultant of JWPM - Industrial Strength Marketing and leads the consulting team.

35 years business experience

In 1993, Justin Wearne established JWPM as one of the first dedicated business to business marketing agencies in Australia.

His aim was to specialise in delivering a suite of services most useful and required by manufacturers, integrators, service providers, defence suppliers, contractors and engineering firms to help grow and develop their businesses.

With more than 35 years experience consulting on business strategy and marketing, Justin has assiated hundreds of businesses throughout Australia.

Technical products and services

Justin’s core strength is understanding technology across a wide range of industries and has extensive experience in business to business (b2b) sales and marketing.

Business to business marketing

His knowledge and interest in technology allows Justin to understand technical businesses, and to appreciate their products and markets.

Justin is experienced as a marketing consultant for commercialising and marketing technical products and services, and advising on business strategy, business structure and business systems in advanced industries.

Justin has experience commercialising intellectual property including patents.

Creative thinking and problem solving

Justin is a highly effective problem solver, skilled in idea development, and development of business strategy as well as marketing communications.

Justin has over 25 years experience managing the delivery of consulting and marketing projects and managing consulting teams.

Justin is one of the most experienced marketing consultants in Australia today.

Marketing Consultant - Justin Wearne

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