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Justin Wearne has been working as a marketing consultant for 30 years, providing advice strategy and planning to manufacturers, technology companies, technical product distributors, integrators, contractors, Defence suppliers, government agencies and service providers.

B2b Marketing Consultant

Business to Business marketing


  • Strategic planning

  • Marketing strategy

  • Sales force consulting and development

  • Business development

  • Growth planning

  • Marketing project design and implementation

Justin Wearne is the principal consultant of JWPM - Industrial Strength Marketing and leads the consulting team.

"As a lifelong learner and technology enthusiast, I have spent the last 30 years honing my skills as a B2B marketer with a special focus on technical products and services.

I believe that great industrial brands are built on the passion and vision of those who see the possibilities in the latest technologies. I take pride in my ability to simplify complex technical concepts and convey them in a way that inspires others to embrace and use them.

My ultimate goal is to help technology and industrial product owners build thriving businesses by bringing their products and services to market. I am driven by the challenge of identifying innovative solutions and finding new ways to communicate.

I am committed to continuous learning, and I thrive in dynamic environments where technology is always evolving. Join me in exploring the possibilities of technology and industrial products, and let's build something great together."

Justin has over 30 years experience managing the delivery of consulting and marketing projects and managing consulting teams.

Justin is one of the most experienced B2B marketing consultants in Australia today.

B2B Marketing Consultant - Justin Wearne

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