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SAGE Integration

We build custom e-commerce and other applications that seamlessly integrate with your SAGE ERP system

Looking to add further functionality to your SAGE ERP - for example an e-commerce application or integrated web shop?

Custom application building

At JWPM we have the expertise to add an external web application that pushes and pulls data from your in-house server-based SAGE EVO platform.

We can custom build a fully functioning web shop that provides the following functionality...

  • Fully integrated with in-house SAGE ERP through a secure connection through company firewall
  • Enables both pulling and pushing data from SAGE (products, stock codes, customer details, price lists and customer specific discounts, product images, product descriptions, and data sheets)
  • Fully integrated shopping carts
  • Payment gateway and/or invoicing (pay on account)
  • Secure customer login
  • Fully customised webshop structure, layout and design built to your specification and integrated with your website and company branding

Beautifully designed

Being a full web design agency and digital marketing agency, we don't just cut code. We make sure your online application looks professional.

Manage all your product data and pricing ONCE.

A fully integrated application means only needing to manage one set of data

The annoying thing about managing both an in-house inventory system as well as a separate webshop (e-commerce app) is keeping the data synchronised.

With an integrated system, for example, when you change a price on SAGE it's automatically changed on your website.

Anything is possible

Having full access to the database behind your SAGE EVO platform means we can custom build any application to suit your purpose, for example...

  • Bolt on a CRM. A cloud based or desktop app that can be used by sales staff to manage leads, add new contacts, and push-out sales quotes.
  • A field app to enable reps to look-up pricing, enter time on job data and other field based activities.

With custom app development, anything is possible.

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