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We create the light at the end of the tunnel

We're a little different from your normal marketing agency.

Our typical client is trying to solve a hard problem; growth has either stopped or is progressing too slowly. They've searched within their organisation for answers but there are none.

They've looked around at the normal marketing agencies.

But, they know that pretty pictures, words and some social media posts - aren't going to cut it.

Our client's are looking for business strategy and serious marketing horsepower.

Marketing agency - what makes us special?

A few facts about us...

We specialise in business to business

Our clients predominately are selling to other businesses.

While some rely on run-rate sales, many live from project to project and rely on solution selling and competitive tendering. That's the space we understand and have deep experience.

We understand technical products and services

Ok, not all our clients sell highly technical products. Most offer well established technologies like concreting, steel fabrication, engineering services, water pumps. However, they do require the ability to understand the technology and how the buyers make decisions.

Unlike many marketing agencies - our eyes don't glaze over when our clients start talking technical.

And that makes a huge difference to the speed at which you can brief us, and our effectiveness when developing strategy and devising communications.

We do more than marketing

Sure, we do great creative and have a team of specialists to write your copy, design campaigns and build websites - all the normal things a marketing agency offers.

However, our greatest strength is market analysis and business consulting. Before helping you build your brand and generate sales leads...

we help our clients determine the best source of business and build a strategy to position your organisation as the preferred supplier in that market.

Further, if needed we advise on building capability and capacity.

If you are looking for the light at the end of the tunnel...

Put the coffee on and invite us in for a chat.

We promise, you'll find it very illuminating.

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