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JWPM is an industrial business strategy and B2B marketing consulting firm.

We solve problems for manufacturers, engineering firms, technology companies, technical distributors, contractors, and service providers.

JWPM assists businesses operating in the b2b space to develop strategy, create organisational capability, build brands, find customers, win tenders, and achieve growth.

We understand technical products and services.

Understanding the underlying technology provides insight into the value proposition and identifying the target market. JWPM provides capability to fill this gap.

In addition, industrial marketing requires more than just promotional marketing (communications). It requires a deep understanding of sales activity, relationship building, competitive tendering, solution selling and managing a project opportunity pipeline. We've built our services and expertise around an integrated set of competencies and project delivery capability to suit the needs of clients who operate in the b2b space.

We have business and technical depth

From B2B digital marketing, right up to strategic planning

Not every marketing agency has the business experience and track record to help organisations develop strategic plans.

Our senior consulting team are from corporate B2B backgrounds; exposure to senior “C-Suite” management roles has equipped us to understand that business strategy drives marketing execution. Consequently, we have a built a marketing company that delivers to our clients – both.

An optimised tool kit to enhance your competitive advantage.

Our specialist team have complementary skill sets most needed by business-to-business organisations. Having a wide-ranging toolkit enables us to view business problems holistically; we are not vested in one or two marketing techniques which we feel obliged to push – we apply the right tool for the job.

Well versed in b2b

Not every marketing agency understand industrial markets or business-to-business selling.

Our consulting team has worked at the pointy-end of business development; identifying buying teams, developing solutions, writing tenders, proposals and delivering new-business pitches. We’ve jumped on airplanes to seek out international opportunities, we’ve manned the booth at trade shows, we’ve collected business cards, stood at the bar and bought drinks – plied our prospects with “truth serum” and driven out into the outback to “kick-rocks” to help win mining services contracts.

This is the b2b landscape; it’s not soap powder, McDonalds, or used cars. We understand industrial marketing.

Marketing technical products and services

Not every marketing agency understands technology.

This can be a problem when being briefed by clients who sell “technical stuff” often having value propositions locked-up in improved technical processes, new widgets, ground-breaking scientific principles, or just having exclusive distribution rights or IP licensing for an impressive piece of kit.

Servicing clients Australia-wide, for over 20 years.

From our inception in 1993, Justin Wearne identified the need for a marketing consultancy specialising in business-to-business (b2b) marketing; there was a gap in the market for a B2B marketing agency that also understood technical products and services.

24 years later, we service a diverse B2B industrial client base across Australia.

Our consulting team have worked on hundreds of technical products and services. This is a just a sample...

  • Aeronautical engineering
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Defence
  • Drive system components
  • Submarine and ship building
  • Medical devices
  • Electronics
  • Radio communications
  • Patents and IP protection
  • High power & type tested electrical switchboards
  • Building and construction
  • Robotics, process control and automation
  • Resource industries
  • Hydraulics
  • Civil engineering
  • Information technology
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Telecommunications
  • Steel fabrication
  • Software engineering
  • Fluid power
  • Water infrastructure
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Scientific research

There really isn’t a field of endeavor that we haven't worked on. We can help you find the market and start selling. We bridge the gap between technology and the market.


So, while all the above clearly establishes our credentials in the hard-headed aspects of the business-to-business landscape, I don’t want to leave you with the impression that “we don’t do pretty.”

The end game in marketing is communication – you must reach people where they work, and you must make your products and services look professional, attractive, desirable and shinier than the other guy’s.

This is where our creative communication skills come in. We run a team of people well versed in graphic design, copy writing, digital marketing, web design, lead generation and video production.

We have a very unique skill set and a passion for technical products and services.


Justin Wearne

Principal Consultant


Steve Gross

Digital Marketing Director


Belinda Stachowiak

Art Director


Greg Tunny

Principal Consultant


Joanne Koehne

Marketing Consultant


Joel Wearne

Web/print designer & developer


Steve Thompson

China Trade Consultant


Greg Clothier

Integrated Management Systems


Jane Daw

Financial Analyst