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Video Production

Full service technology communications company. Explain your technology, promote it to stakeholders or customers, or sell it with video.
As specialists in business-to-business and technical marketing, we are especially good at producing video that features technical products and services.

As a marketing and education tool, video is unsurpassed.

Video production services

They say a picture is a worth a thousand words; and video vastly multiplies the effectiveness of pictures. JWPM provides the full suite of video production from concept development, writing powerful scripts, through managing filming to final editing and release.

We produce short video to augment social media campaigns, to television advertisements - right-up to full 5 minute corporate videos that showcase your organisation bringing to life your brand and value proposition.

From concept, through script writing, production planning, shoot, editing and publishing...

Our video production capabilities…

  • Concept development and script writing
  • Music and audio production
  • Pre-production planning & scheduling
  • Directing video shoots
  • Post production (editing video and audio)
  • Output and publishing

Showcase your organisation and breathe life into your brand.

Content Marketing

Video production doesn't need to be expensive. If you are looking for content marketing pieces that communicate a particular technology feature or benefit, our low cost in-house production is ideal.

We can also provide a competitive rate if you require regular video content marketing production to support your promotional activity.

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Promotional Video

A more extensive video production designed to sell a product, service or capability requires some careful thought and script writing. If you require something a bit better than a content marketing piece, we can tailor the treatment to suit.

JWPM will write a script to fit your brief, and manage the production process right through to a finished product.

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Corporate Video

When showcasing the full culture, achievements and brand essence of a corporation, a carefully scripted approach is required. Corporate videos often feature multiple locations to show both corporate facilities and the breadth and depth of the company's achievements.

Talk to us today about your brief.

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Video production agency - specialising in technical products and services

JWPM has experience in communicating corporate brands and explaining technical products and services.

Talk to us today.

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