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Business strategy, capacity building, and marketing services to make our clients look professional, generate leads, find new customers and win deals.

We solve problems for manufacturers, technical product distributors, integrators, contractors, Defence suppliers, government agencies, technology organisations and service providers.

Industrial Strength Marketing

B2b Marketing Agency specialising in business to business

A comprehensive range of marketing and business consulting services suited to business-to-business organisations, particularly where understanding technical products and services is important

Winning in industrial markets requires a holistic approach to business requiring synchronicity across a range of management disciplines. Our marketing consulting and business strategy team are available to provide an integrated approach to creating competitive advantage.

Our b2b marketing agency tool kit includes the following services...

Business Strategy

Strategic planning and business advice
IT Strategy
Winning defence work

Marketing services

Market research and analysis
Advertising & promotions
Brand identity and development
Website and digital marketing

Winning New Business

Online lead generation
Salesforce development
Tenders and proposals
International trade

Operations and innovation

IT Consulting
Integrated management systems

B2B Marketing agency comfortable with technology

The JWPM consulting team consists of people from technical backgrounds. Familiarity with technical concepts sets JWPM apart from most marketing agencies; our eyes don't glaze over when clients brief us on their industry and the technical products and services they offer.

This capability reduces briefing time and enables us to provide relevant advice on strategy, growth plans, and marketing promotions. It also enables us to efficiently write technical copy for proposals, marketing content and sales aids.

Business to business marketing is different from consumer marketing

Having worked in B2b markets for over 25 years has taught us selling technical products and services is different to consumer marketing. The key difference is not just tone and manner used in communications; complex sales in b2b often rely on a sales team to kick the deal over the line. While, conversely digital marketing is changing the face of transaction 'run-rate' sales even in b2b.

Our consulting services extend beyond marketing communications (which are important) but also to helping our clients improve their capacity and capability to pull onboard new business.

We provide advice on developing your sales pipeline through sales force development, sales planning, sales models, incentive schemes and sales systems as well as providing digital marketing services.

Comprehensive support for bids and tenders

JWPM provides professional pre and post tender consulting services to develop bid strategy, assist with capture planning, write tenders and proposals, design proposal templates and review tendering processes.

We assist our clients to win large projects, improve their bidding capacity and processes, and improve the presentation standard of their bids and tenders.

Digital marketing and sales funnels

Our industrial clients are becoming more dependent on B2B digital marketing to generate leads and find new customers and projects.

Our digital marketing team provide a full range of digital marketing services including website design, digital sales pipelines, content marketing (pushed out through blogs, social and EDM) and providing services to help you to win the online battle.

We provide full SEO and digital analytics to optimise online performance and also provide consulting to build CRM based systems to capture and manage leads through the sales pipeline.

We make you look good

Building your industrial brand through high quality graphic design, well written copy, crisp on-target messaging and well produced video and photography is part of our industrial marketing tool kit.

We've built an optimised suite of services to deliver game-changing strategies and sales and marketing tools for business-to-business organisations.

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