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U-Pol defies global market forces

16 February 2022

The world is experiencing a critical shortage of paint products.

Several factors have led to the shortage of supply.

Lead times for raw materials used for paint manufacture, usually range from just-in-time from local suppliers, to several weeks for imports. However, these lead times are now blowing out to months.

US Supply chain difficulties, caused by freezing temperatures in midland Texan oil fields and untimely hurricanes on the East Coast, have created a shortage of feed stock for petrochemical plants producing paint raw materials particularly paint resins.

At the same time, industrial and automotive paints have been hit by the huge demand for household paints as people turn in large numbers to home decorating, taking advantage of COVID isolation.

Global shipping container shortage

Global supply chains have also been severely hampered by a shortage of shipping containers generated by a bull-whip effect. To explain this, let's assume end user demand increases by say 10%. To meet this demand, the retailer orders 15% more stock. In reaction, the suppliers then increase their raw material orders by 20%. This cascades back through the supply chain.

With paint manufacture the bull-whip is long, extends between continents, and all of this product requires shipping containers.

Worse, the problem hasn't just hit the paint industry - it has affected everything needing container shipping. As the world emerges from COVID lock downs, unmet demand is driving supply chains crazy.

So where have the shipping containers gone?

Many are in inland depots. Others are piled up in cargo ports, and the rest are onboard vessels, especially on transpacific lines. The largest container shortage is in Asia, but Europe also faces a deficit. And of course, container and shipping costs have skyrocketed.

Never let a crisis go to waste

U-Pol Australia has pulled off something of a coup having anticipated possible supply chain issues and in the middle of last year, increased their inventory to meet changing market demands.

The good news is these shipments have now arrived and will continue to do so in the months ahead.

U-Pol is stocked-up with most automotive paint ancillary products in contrast to many others who are still waiting for shipments. None more so relevant than the Dolphin filler range.

The U-Pol Dolphin filler range

Dolphin fillers are the original self-levelling automotive body fillers used by thousands of panel repair professionals worldwide.

Dolphin fillers produce exceptionally smooth lines with excellent adhesion to a wide range of materials.

The U-Pol Dolphin filler range is legendary in the professional automotive refinish industry.

The range covers every filling job from medium to deep panel damage, down to surface imperfections and pinholes. Dolphin Speedglaze is the latest addition to the range featuring "snap cure" technology that cures up to 3 times faster.

And the good news? They have plenty in stock.

For more information contact U-Pol Australia on (02) 4731 2655

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