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Manufacturing digital marketing case study

15 July 2019

Melbourne sheet metal products supplier FORM2000. Rebranding and digital content marketing campaign.

Of all the manufacturing facilities we have visited FORM2000 is right up there as one of the most impressive. FORM2000 features an enormous investment in state-of-the-art automated sheet metal manufacturing machinery.

Watching sheet metal cut, punched, folded, welded, and assembled by robotic machines is like watching a skilled card magician in action. The deft and swift precision of the machines is awesome. FORM2000 is an impressive example of an Australian company embracing the challenge of competing against offshore manufacturing by investing in high tech manufacturing machinery and processes to drive down cost and drive-up quality, consistency and on-time delivery.

FORM2000's customer base are other manufactures outsourcing their sheet metal manufacturing. FORM2000 feeds into their supply chain. A classic B2B selling situation.

Primary objective: Brand update and digital lead generation

However, when we first met our new client their external image did not look state-of-the-art. The corporate identity hadn't been touched in 30 years and the website was distinctly from a bygone era. The brand didn't reflect the capabilities of the manufacturing facility. JWPM was engaged to address...

  • Improve the presentation of the company
  • Improve FORM2000’s online presence.
  • Drive sales enquiry

Corporate rebranding

Our first project was to address corporate identity. Our analysis of their capabilities, their market and customers identified the need to project their high tech manufacturing capabilities through a contemporary almost futuristic image and a strapline (slogan) to reflect their corporate aspirations.

Developing an impressive online presence

Having built a slick new and contemporary B2B brand, our second project was to design and build a new company website. The centrepiece was a corporate video shot over three days to capture the drama and poetry of their robotic manufacturing facility in action.

View FORM2000 website

Online lead generation using content marketing, and PPC advertising

While waiting for the SEO rankings to improve (and to assist this process), JWPM developed a comprehensive Google Pay-Per-Click lead generation campaign, using paid search (targeting keywords and search phrases), and display advertisements triggered through re-marketing lists. Call tracking was added to track and record sales lead calls and to provide metrics to identify high performing campaigns and landing pages.

Content marketing featured publishing a regular sequence of blog articles consistent with an editorial policy aimed at supporting the high-tech manufacturing, and showcasing FORM2000's manufacturing capabilities.

FORM2000 sample blog articles live...
FORM2000 blog - A Bright Future in Transition
FORM2000 blog - Car manufacturing ends; but heavy vehicles roll on

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