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Farm Machinery Sales - Robust Agricultural Innovations

26 July 2019

Moose Industries owner Nigel "Moose" Eckermann has a passion for farm machinery.

Located in Port Lincoln (South Australia) is a bespoke agricultural machinery engineering business driven by a man with passion. Known as "Moose", Nigel Eckermann lives for engineering innovation. He is always looking at agricultural machinery and thinking "I can see a way to improve that." His passion is working with farmers to understand their requirements and to develop products that solve specific problems.

Consequently, his product range consists of his own unique high performance and robust innovations as either stand-alone agricultural machinery or implements for retrofitting to existing farm equipment.

Minimising environmental harm

Moose Industries is driven by a desire to build, develop and a belief in sustainable farming that both improves productivity and minimises environmental harm. The farmers they work with have an affinity and respect for the land and increasing awareness of sustainable farm practices aimed at minimising harm while improving the capacity of their farming land into the future.

Project brief

JWPM - Industrial Strength Marketing was engaged to develop a strategic plan to map out the future of the organisation particularly aimed at converting continuous innovation into profitable farm machinery sales. A key outcome of the plan was the need to improve online visibility and to communicate the company's value proposition as embodied by the corporate strapline "Robust Agricultural Innovations."

Farm machinery sales over the internet

Website Design

Our website design objective was to achieve impact as well as contextual relevance. Moose Industries supplies to the agricultural community with a big emphasis on broadacre farming. It was important to ensure visitors to the site immediately recognise they are on the right page. The background video creates movement and impact to attract the eye and displays relevant imagery.

Visit the Moose Industries website

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