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SEO & SEM - Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing

SEM - Search Engine Marketing for business to business products and services.

SEO & SEM - Search Engine Marketing has become so important, it's impossible not to include SEO as part of the promotions mix.

JWPM - Industrial Strength Marketing provide search engine marketing services focusing on digital lead generation for business to business clients, utilising the latest tools and techniques.

We've discovered the truth about SEM...

  • Done properly, getting on page one is achievable, however most likley only for a short list of your most important search terms
  • The rules of the game change frequently, Google is always optimising its algorithm to ensure it's not being gamed
  • There are very few short cuts. SEO requires patience, persistence and technique
  • Google is looking to remain the number one search engine and therefore aims to deliver the most relevant and useful information in its search results. The name of the game is to give it quality.
  • A comprehensive and effective digital lead generation program requires a combination of Paid Search, Organic Search, Social Media and Content Marketing

SEO requires commitment

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is not a short term project, it's a long term committment.

Search Engine Marketing requires a combination of regular SEO building activities to keep your website ranking high for important search terms and using Paid Search Marketing to help build traffic and to target search terms having a poor organic ranking.

However, a customised approach is best, based on your marketing objectives, industry competitive dynamics and budget.

SEO Services

  • Key word and search term research

  • Site audits

  • Competitor research and ranking

  • Website SEO optimisation

  • Content creation and writing

  • Back link checking and building

  • Analytics

Paid search campaigns

  • Google Adwords

  • Facebook advertising

  • LinkedIn advertising

  • Twitter advertising

  • Remarketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services