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JWPM is a full service strategic industrial marketing agency providing a vertically integrated suite of services to assist organisations to compete in business-to-business markets

We provide the following promotional marketing services...

  • Creative campaign development
  • Traditional print media advertising
  • Digital marketing
  • Direct mail
  • Technical writing
  • Trade event management
  • Photography
  • Talent coordination
  • Graphic design

Our ability to understand engineering, science and technology, coupled with our technical writing capability and commercial mindset is what sets JWPM apart from other marketing agencies.

In many industrial markets, key decision makers within an organisation are not necessarily technical experts, but instead consist of procurement, project management and business administration professionals. Reaching these decision makers requires an ability to understand both the technical attributes of a company’s product/service delivery and the criteria upon which purchasing decisions are made.

“At JWPM, we have the ability to understand the technical aspects of your product and/or service delivery and to translate for commercial consumption and uptake. Delivering your message with creative impact.”

As a leading industrial marketing agency, we have the ability to quickly grasp technical concepts, to synthesise content and embed key commercial messaging that resonates with this broad stakeholder audience. Our graphic design and digital marketing specialists support the creative development and execution of a range of advertising and promotional campaigns and supporting marketing collateral – targeted sales material, brochures, newsletters, trade exhibition materials, corporate videos and general corporate livery.

Across traditional trade print publications, direct mail, trade event promotions to the digital marketing suite, we develop campaigns that cut through the clutter.